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October 27

posted Oct 27, 2015, 10:20 AM by Tommy Williams
In the vacuum that preceding this blog post many things occurred. Let me try and hit some of the high spots (in addition to re-introducing myself) and give you some idea what I will be doing with this space going forward.

So, I grew up around Amateur Radio. I grew up around computers and computer hardware. I grew up with a father that was able to repair just about everything. My father was a “Maker” decades before the term existed in pop culture. The highlight of my father’s “Makerdom” in my naive child eyes came just after a time that I asked him to help me make a “rope” that I could push across the stage for a skit. He delivered. As an adult I understand how and what he did, and as far as complexity, it is one of the more mundane things he ever did to help me out. I’ve taken up that torch and love tinkering and making. I enjoy playing with computers and programming.

This really is the base upon which Amateur Radio is built. Making. While you generally do not build your radio today like my father did during his childhood, there are still many other peripheral tools that are more easily built than bought.

The last couple of years I have only had the equipment and space to operate on the VHF and UHF bands. I realized early during that time, the folks operating in the local VHF and UHF bands were really not people that I shared much in common with. Because of their lack of interest in my hobbies (outside of Amateur Radio), it has been pretty easy to let my license atrophy.

I recently moved into a new house that has a HOA and restrictive covenants. I hope that when spring rolls around I will be able to hang something that will allow me the ability to get back on the HF bands and just do some distance talking. Until then, I will use this blog to just talk about my hobbies and things that I am doing, want to be doing, and have accomplished as part of my hobby.

Cheers to you. Thanks for visiting and I hope to keep you all rolling in posts.