Not a lot of radio being played this past week. The shack is still in need of some straightening and cleaning, but the oppressively hot weather here the last few weeks has reduced my desire to be outside in it to none.  I have however spend most of the last week migrating my domain ( away from GoDaddy over to DreamHost. As the domain was about to expire, I felt it was time to go ahead and cut the last string with GoDaddy. With the new registrar, a new website. I like this one much better. I hope you enjoy it. Any suggestion you may have please feel free to send them to me via email. james AT ki4vso DOT net.

With GoDaddy's public backing of SOPA and their ever present sexist twist on their marketing (not that I mind looking at beautiful women), I am mostly done with them. To push me over the edge, I find that as they have become more popular their pricing model has reflected this. For half the price of what they wanted to keep my domain registrations for the next year I was able to register two domains with DreamHost. The icing on this whole experience came when I asked them to close my account. I asked them to purge my personal information and billing data from their systems, and was greeted with an email outlining how their privacy policy (which has changed since I originally signed up as a customer) prevents them from deleting user accounts from their system. The email went on to explain how the support folks are 100% not allowed to modify my personal or billing information and that I would need to go in and do this personally. Its frustrating to be a single individual and having to interact with with large companies.