The home of KI4VSO on the interwebs! This site is intended to be host to my station logs, a blog pertaining to my hobbies (amateur radio or otherwise), perhaps some photographs, other information I feel people should consider. If you are here looking for my resume, head on over to resume.ki4vso.net.

About Me

  • Tested on April 21, 2007 for my Technician Class License
  • Received my Technician License on May 8, 2007
  • Tested for General Class License on September 15, 2007
  • Received my General Class License on September 21, 2007
     As far back as I can remember, I enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. I had more fun with my toys in this manner that I ever did playing with them. I find that I end up repairing broken items such as keyboards, laptops, televisions, phones, radios, rather than subscribing to society's "disposable" mentality.  I also enjoy applying logical and methodical troubleshooting into most any type of obstacle in my life. I suppose I was born to do what I do and love it.
     This love of understanding has spilled into my career and hobbies. I am an Technologist by trade (Systems Administrator at present), and understanding how things work and fit together (logically more so than physically) has helped me to get where I am now. Amateur radio is a great fit for me as I enjoy the challenge of repairing broken items, finding non-standard solutions to common problems and spending time with other like-minded folks.

Amateur Radio: We do that!